Our vision is to be a church that prepares couples with the vision and skills they need to have a successful marriage, and to strengthen existing marriages. 

By way of introduction, vocationally Christy and I have a calling to serve marriages and families while occupationally we serve as pastors and church planters. So for us, everything we share comes from a pastoral perspective, with a conviction that marriages are best built relationally in the local church.

We also want to communicate that our worldview is informed by Scripture, and as such, we do not see marriage as ultimate. Rather, we do see Jesus Christ and his purposes as ultimate, and we see the local church as His vehicle for carrying out His purposes – one of which, we believe, is to join a man and a woman together in a covenant relationship called marriage, and to demonstrate to the world Jesus’ love for His people, the church.

Pre-Marriage & marriage 

We provide pre-marital and marital counseling using Prepare/Enrich. This is the leading relationship inventory and skill-building program used both nationally and internationally.  It is built on a solid research foundation and significantly improves a couple's relationship. Prepare/Enrich is custom tailored to a couple's relationship and provides couple exercises to build their relationship skills.

Marriage resources

*Factors Predicting long-term successful marriages

(summary from Worthington, E. Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling)

I. Planfulness

·       Intentionality – or purposefully pursuing ways to grow as a couple (i.e. planning date nights, get aways, prayer times).

·       Vision – living with it (we have a resource on our website with ideas on taking a marriage vision retreat).

·       Mission – living for something outside of and greater than oneself

·       Commitment

·       Persistence – with whatever the vision and mission of the marriage is

II. Sense of Larger Perspective

·       Positive Values and religious faith

·       Servant leaders, as opposed to barking commands re what needs doing.

·       Humor and fun

·       Able to relabel tragedy and difficulty – allowing the couple to be overcomers.

III. Group Cohesion

·       Mutual meeting of each other’s needs in every way (physically, relationally, emotionally)

·       Identity as a marriage, rather than an individualistic identity.

·       Experience of mutually agreeable amount of love, affection, intimacy, support

·       Networked and autonomous, being relationally networked for healthy relationships outside of marriage, but autonomous as a married couple as well.

IV. Health Interactions

·       Transparent and open communication

·       Effective teaching of the new generation (parenting)

·       Quality time together