Photo by    Dani Vivanco    on    Unsplash

Photo by Dani Vivanco on Unsplash

A few years ago my life was changed. It was not a change that happened overnight, but a slow, gradual change that happened over a full year. It was a season of tears, loneliness and confusion. I was working night shift, so my emotions were really raw. I cried all the time.

I had just started to go to Antioch and did not really know what to expect. After starting to go to a Lifegroup I was invited to join a discipleship group (a small group that meets regularly to provide support and accountability for intentional growth). I had been part of discipleship groups in the past and had really enjoyed them. I was so excited to be meeting with a small group of girls and making friends.

I soon realized that the way that Antioch does discipleship was different than what I had experienced in the past. I really enjoyed the simple structure combined with the high calling that came along with it. I started to see my life change before my own eyes because I was meeting with Jesus and walking in community with others that also wanted to look a little more like Jesus every day. I gradually started to see who I was in the light of Jesus. Overtime, I started to notice that I was growing because I was being transformed by encountering the Father.

I have since been part of multiple discipleship groups and they have each been a little different in structure but have all carried the same heart of inviting someone during a season to walk together and to encourage each other to look a little more like Jesus. I have also had the honor of discipling other girls in our community, and it has been so life transforming for me. I have loved seeing the transformation that comes from just walking with another person that loves Jesus and wants to follow him. At the end of the day, as Ted said last Sunday, โ€œIt is a series of small yeses that will lead you to walk out into the Kingdom of God.โ€

So my challenge for you today is to download โ€œThe Discipleship Appโ€ and to find one or two people from your life group that want to grow together. Meet with them for a few months and study the word and pray together. Together we can encounter Jesus, live on mission and make disciples in our city and in the Nations. Together our lives can change so we look more like Jesus.

About the Author: Maribeth has recently discovered a love for writing and communicating what the Lord has put on her heart through the written word. Maribeth currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is part of Antioch Community Church. You might find her drinking chai at a local coffee shop with a good book in hand, working at the local hospital as a nurse, or enjoying her new friends. But one thing is certain, she will probably have on some form of pink attire.