Living God's Vision

There was a lot that was covered in church a couple weeks ago, as Jordan led the way in sharing stories of the beginnings of Antioch Ann Arbor. A lot of amazing stories. A lot of good words. There was friendship. Foolishness. Exhortations. Change.

But my one question that I walked away with was this:

What does God have for my life?

No, seriously!

What does God have for your life?

The only reason that all those stories were told this week - the only reason we were all sitting together in one space at all - is because some people received a vision, a dream, from God - and they ran with it!

Do you have vision for your life?

Proverbs 29:18 says,

“Without vision, the people perish.”

Another version says,

“Without revelation, the people cast off restraint.”

Our leaders have modeled incredibly the working out of their faith with fear and trembling. Having caught on to a big vision, they were willing to take the stumbling, not-always-glamorous or clear steps to work out in faith steps towards a vision, a dream!

God has vision for your life! He has dreams! Whether we count them big or small, He always sees them as big! It could be humbling oneself enough to reconcile with a family member, loving a neighbor sacrificially, giving extravagantly as a lifestyle, writing a book, writing poetry or songs, dancing, putting your kids to bed with intentionality.

God has vision for our lives!

“ ‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declared the Lord. ‘Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future.’” (Jer. 29:11)

God said this to His people in a time when they were in exile! When their cities were destroyed, their government unwound, and their people enslaved. How could God say this?

Yet He still would dare to say it!

And He says it also over your life. Yes. Yours.

What keeps us from living into His vision then, with its daily habits and joys and expectations and disciplines?

There are four things that come to mind:

  1. We don’t have the vision.
  2. We know the the vision but we fear it.
  3. We don’t have articulated steps toward the vision.
  4. We know the steps but we fear them.

Which one are you at?

For me, I have had a dream for my life since I was in high school. But I haven’t talked about it at all until just this year. Because I was afraid of it! I was afraid of what the vision would ask of me that maybe I’d find out I couldn’t give. I was afraid of the sacrifice it might require, or the facing of my inadequacies.

But - we ARE inadequate! Jordan and Jason confessed as much. They received a vision. They had an awe of the vision, but didn’t let that keep them from flying to Detroit. They had to face their own inadequacies and lack of resources, but they kept going. They didn’t always know what was going to come next, but they trusted God and walked forward.

This is the same as the military-less Israel walking into the Promised Land and declaring that they will conquer it.

It’s the same as Jesus coming in flesh and dying on a cross and saying this will defeat death.

It’s the same as Noah spending his daily time for years to build an arc and saying at the end rain will come.

All these people did this without knowing, without seeing with their eyes, that their vision would actually happen and that their long-term, daily sacrifice would actually amount to anything.

It’s the small steps, the weakness, and the moving forward despite the weakness that brings breakthrough. And as Jordan said - God is even more committed to his vision than we are!

Guys. If we are to follow the vision and plans God has for our lives, let us go hard!

Tell someone of your vision!

Even if that is done timidly. Or without confidence. Just speak it out!

Or tell someone your vision but ask for ideas for steps. Or ask God for steps.

The only way for new life to come up is for the old ways to die! Jesus, our brother and the first of the resurrected, also experienced how HIS death brought forth new life. Our daily, weekly, yearly deaths will also bring forth new life! Dying to our fears and walking in boldness and faith. Dying to our emotions and living in faith, belief, and obedience. Dying to our contentment or comfort and walking in vision and hope and dreams.

Go for God's vision and live God's dreams!

About the Author: Allison is a massage therapist working out of her own studio at A2 Yoga. If she isn't helping people’s bodies on their journey to health, she's probably doing something around Antioch! She loves prayer, worship, and spending time with her roommates, the families around the church, and her lifegroup!