Poured Out

Easter and Good Friday are two of my favorite holidays. Every year on Good Friday, I'm reminded not only of the power of the cross, but also brought to a place of worship - praising God that the story didn't end at the cross. Resurrection came three days later and is a potent reminder that hope is here. That redemption is here. And that new fruit and new life are here.

Photo by  rawpixel.com  on  Unsplash

Photo by rawpixel.com on Unsplash

As a church, we have been studying the book of Isaiah and looking at how Isaiah was stunned, seared and sent. Last week, we looked at Isaiah 53: 10-12. These verses speak about how Jesus was crushed and how fruitful offspring would result as Jesus paid the penalty for all sin (past, present and future). We looked at Jesus as the ultimate model of pouring out his life for humanity as a result of love.

The question that Jordan presented in his message was: "how do we live a resurrection life?" In Romans 12, Paul exhorts us to pour out our lives as sacrifices, which serves as worship that is holy and pleasing to God. When you love someone, you pour out your life for them. Jesus's life was not taken from him. He chose to lay it down.

This is the life being poured out, and we can live a resurrected life by subscribing to the model of Jesus.

"Out of gratitude for what Jesus has done and the generosity of God in our lives, how do we pour out our lives for others?"

Jordan challenged us to ask the Lord what area in life we want to commit to pouring out for the sake of others. While reflecting and processing this message through re-listening to it (shout out to our podcast!), I decided to google what "pour" means. Per Merriam-Webster, one definition of "pour" is to "supply or produce freely or copiously." That means that what we pour out for others is whole-hearted, 100% in, not giving half of our efforts or half of our abilities. But instead, giving freely and without restraint, as Jesus modeled for us when he was dying on the cross.

For me, the Lord highlighted a few different people/areas to pour out of my life for, some of whom are the women in my spheres of influence. By intentionally setting aside time to invest in their lives and through this time, facilitating the feeling of being known.

Practically, for me, in a season of discipleship school, planning a wedding, and working a full time job, this looks like setting aside one night a week to specifically invest in women who feel marginalized, unknown, or invisible. As a result of feeling known, heard and sought after, I'm believing that the Lord will bless this commitment and utilize it to launch women into the purposes that He has called them to fulfill.

Who is God asking you to pour into?

About the Author: Christiana thrives on saying "yes" to new adventures, connecting with people on a deep relational level, and eating Saturday morning brunch. She works locally as a Physical Therapist and also serves at Antioch Ann Arbor as the Production Director. Christiana is passionate about partnering with individuals to prepare, equip and mobilize them to operate best in who God has made them to be and accomplish the purpose that the Lord has set upon their life.