I Love my Microwave - Passion and Purpose II

I love my microwave.

I literally do not think I could live without it. Literally.  I love that it seems to cook my entire meal within minutes. Sometimes I’m a real martyr and have to be super patient when I heat up a Marie Calendar dinner, as those tend to take a good 8ish minutes to thoroughly cook. Those are tough times. But on average, I pop something in there and 2-3 minutes later… Bon apetite!

I don’t think I’m alone when I say this is how I would like the rest of my life to go. I am always in this constant tension of wishing everyday processes would go by just a bit more quickly. I wish this line at Starbucks would have three less people in it. I wish my 12-hour shift at work were only 6 hours. I wish I didn’t have shower every morning…that would save me so much time and inherently make my life better - make me more productive. Am I right, people?!

Better yet - what if there were processes that I could eliminate entirely?! I’d be living my best life for sure!

The catch to all of this ingenuity is that it’s completely counterproductive to the mission of the Gospel. 


Our pastor, Jordan, delivered a spectacular message of hope this past Sunday. He encouraged us that God uses the process, no matter where along that spectrum you may find your start. He took us to scripture that highlights the modeling aspect of discipleship and then shared story after story of how it’s that very piece that produces life transformation. It’s the friction of running beside someone through different seasons and storms so that what is being demonstrated and lived out by one may eventually be absorbed by the other. I don’t know about you, but I have never really been a quick learner - so bless the Living God that he set up a system that allows time! Because goodness knows some of us (a.k.a. me) need it! (Even though we might not always want it.)

We often despise that which takes a lot of time - it’s cumbersome, tedious, and taxing and we lose sight of “progress.”

Jesus invites us to trust Him with our process.

We diminish the work of the Holy Spirit when we do otherwise. Philippians admonishes us to remember that

“he who began a good work [in us] will carry it to completion.”  

God created us. God created the system to bring us to him and do it with other people. It’s only logical that God would also see it through.

We are His beloved; His chosen. He is changing our families, our city, our nation, the NATIONS with the power of our relationship with him and our relationships with one another. As we bear with one another and seek him and his ways, He’s more than faithful to reveal himself to us and make us more like Him.

Grab someone by the hand today and start walking this thing out. Trust Him with the days. Trust Him with the months and even years - He’s doing His thing even when you can’t see it. Like I said, I love the microwave, but there’s deeper, more tasty magic that is found only in the slow cooker.

About the Author: Larissa is a nurse at St. Joe's Mercy Hospital as well as the college director here at Antioch Community Church. She enjoys reading, listening to the Hamilton soundtrack on repeat and pranking her roommates. She also consumes coffee on a far too regular basis. She will do great things.