We Moved!

We are moving!!! We have a new place to meet!!! Antioch Community Church has a great new home!!! We are now meeting:

Sundays at 10 am at
105 N. Mansfield Rd
Ypsilanti, MI 48197

Photo Credit: Tiffany Hines

Photo Credit: Tiffany Hines

We are super excited and filled with expectation for the coming years. Moving brings excitement and expectation like few other things in life. Abundant expectation of what God has planned for our church and our city fills us. We are also filled with excitement for what God is going to do in and through us. I am having a hard time putting into words what the church is feeling with this move. So for this blog post I wanted to write out a prayer for the church and our city as the move is happening. Please join me in praying the following prayer as our church is given a great opportunity to steward a building in our great city.

Father thank You for providing a place for our church to meet.

Thank You for giving us a wonderful place to praise Your name in worship. Bring people into our lives that we can invite into encounters with You in worship. 

Fall Launch 2.jpg

Thank You for providing rooms for our children’s ministry to change the lives of children, teaching them the love of their heavenly Father. Bring more families who will be transformed and become transformation leaders in the world. 

Thank You for giving us a space to listen to powerful preaching of Your truth. May we encounter You through the preaching each week, transform our hearts. 


Thank You for a base for mission sending to the city, region, and world. Father give us opportunities to serve those who need to experience You.  Thank You for teaching us to be Your disciples. Teach us to make disciples of all people.  Holy Spirit come in power and fill us up and fill up this new building. Make this building a powerful base to transform our city with love and service. Teach us to serve and love like Jesus.  We love You and thank You for the great opportunity for a space to experience Your presence as a body, to learn to be Your disciples, and to go on mission to transform the world.  

About the Author: Ted is a father of five, our families pastor at AntiochA2, and helps lead our prayer ministry. He loves Jesus, being a husband, being a father, and loving people. Ted enjoys hanging out with his sons and enjoying God’s beautiful creation. He has a desire to see families wholly following Jesus with passion and being transformed by His love. Ted believes that as we make disciples of Jesus who truly understand their new identity in Him, the world can’t help but be dramatically changed by the local church.