Cape Town Recap

So what did the ADS team do when we were in Cape Town? 


We preached the gospel.

We had team time to worship, have fun, and minister to one another.

We hung out with other visiting Antioch teams from Salt Lake City, Houston, and the Intern Team!


We did college campus outreach on UCT - the University of Cape Town!


We helped put on a market with the Antioch Cape Town Church!


We did these things and so much more!!

Thank you so much for your prayers, financial support, well wishes, and all other forms of participating in this trip! So many of you put your time, thoughts, emotions, and selves into our trip, and we couldn’t have done it without you! Many people were reached for Jesus and many seeds were cast through this trip.

But you may be asking -- Cape Town was great. But now it’s over. Where do we go from here?

The simple challenge we were given as we came back to the U.S. was to considering doing one of the following:

Pray. Give. Go.


Although we are home, the Cape Town long term team remains. They need our continued prayer support. Pray for:

1. Strength and favor for the leaders

2. Increased financial support

3. Protection against spiritual attack

4. People in the township of Langa to know the truth of the gospel and begin life groups with one another


Currently, a majority of the Antioch Capetown income goes to just paying for rent. With extra income, they’d have more resources to do more college campus coffee outreaches, throw markets to attract the local community, love on their leaders through retreats and fun nights, and give into other outreach ideas. 

Similarly, some of the Antioch Capetown staff are currently raising support to be fully supported workers and ministers in Capetown. If you would be interested in supporting one of them, please let someone know and give you more info on who you can support!

Luke 10:7 says, “A worker is worth his wages.” Those who work for the Kingdom may not be producing an earthly product worth our money, but we can buy into their heavenly reward!

If God has put Capetown on your heart, he may also be calling you to participate in it through financially supporting what is going on there!


Want to be a part of God’s work inside and outside of Ann Arbor?

This summer, a group of Antioch interns from around the U.S. are serving in the Hamtramck area. They would love for you to join them throughout the summer on outreach and in prayer. Get connected by contacting or or find the interns at church.

Consider signing up for ADS for next year! Throughout the year, you will have the opportunity to take part in multiple outreaches, including an extended overseas trip.

If you have questions, talk to Ted Peabody or Tiffany Hines. Ready to go? Apply here!

About the Author: Allison is a massage therapy student at Schoolcraft College and waitress at Zola Bistro. When she isn't doing these two things, she's probably doing something around Antioch. She loves prayer, worship, and spending time with her connect group and discipleship school classmates!