Late Night Encounters

Have you ever woken up in the middle of the night and not been able to fall asleep again? Have you ever wondered in those moments, “why in the world am I up right now?” Over the last year and a half through discipleship at Antioch, I have been challenged to ask the Lord if there is something that he wants to address when I wake up in the middle of the night, instead of bemoaning the fact that I can’t sleep. This practice is one that has taken time to incorporate, but it has become massively impactful in my life and my walk with the Lord. Rewind with me to about 4 weeks ago. At 3:00am, I woke up abruptly and found myself unable to fall asleep again. I laid there for about fifteen minutes before asking the Lord, “Is there something that you want to speak to me right now?” After hearing a resounding “yes” from the Lord and maybe after an eye roll or two from me (if we’re being honest), I reluctantly crawled out from under the covers at 3:19am.

Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao

Photo Credit: Nathan Dumlao

In the wee hours of the morning, the Lord sweetly revealed several lies that I had been believing and that had taken root in my life. A few of the big lies were “I will never be good enough,” “I am not beautiful,” and “I am not valuable.” Looking back at it, I can easily laugh at these lies, knowing that they are irrational misconceptions that have snaked their way into the way I perceive my value, worth, and purpose on a day-to-day basis. But in reality, these lies have become automatic thoughts that I allow to invade my heart and, at times, determine my actions.

The beauty of walking with Jesus is that He wants us to walk in freedom and in Truth, throwing off everything that entangles us.

In the moments after the Lord revealed these lies, I asked Him to speak His Truth over me. With a journal nearby to write down the declarations that the Lord was going to give me, I cautiously opened my hands asking the Lord to infiltrate me with Truth. Here’s a little glimpse of how the Lord tenderly met me that morning:

Lie 1: I will never be good enough.

a. Truth from the Lord: I do not place you in a measuring cup to see if you measure up to the standard that has been set. Cease striving; there is no standard. The cross met the criteria and it is finished.
b. Scripture reference: Luke 3:22, Psalm 46:10a

Lie 2: I am not beautiful.

a. Truth from the Lord: I am a direct reflection of the beauty of Jesus
b. Scripture references: Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:14

Lie 3: I am not valuable.

a. Truth from the Lord: You are far more valuable than rubies or gems. I (the Lord) look upon you with joy and delight. You are more valuable than your earthly accomplishments. In fact, your earthly accomplishments don't remotely define you. 
b. Declarations that the Lord gave: I will not be defined by earthly accomplishments. I will not be defined by what a fallen and broken world says about me when my Creator is whole and on the Most High place. I am seated at the right hand of the Father in Heavenly places so therefore I am also whole. 
c. Scripture references: Ephesians 2:6

These statements of truth have become powerful declarations that I am able to speak aloud each morning. Slowly, through these declarations, my thoughts are coming into alignment with the thoughts that He has about me and what the Bible says about who I am in Christ.

This year at Antioch, we have been asking the Lord to “teach us how to pray.” For me, this has looked like an increased frequency of conversation with the Lord and realizing that our Father yearns to spend quality time with his children – whether that is in the car while I am driving or in the middle of the night when I find myself awake. It has looked like trusting the Lord to speak Truth to replace the lies that I have been believing and asking the Lord to equip me with boldness to declare this Truth over my life each morning. It has looked like the Lord increasing my awareness of these lies from day to day with supplication of concise nuggets of truth to combat them.

Today, I would challenge you to spend intentional time with the Lord and ask Him what lies you have been believing. I challenge you to boldly ask Him to speak Truth to replace these lies. Declare this truth over your life and walk in the freedom that only the Lord can bring.

About the Author: Christiana thrives on saying "yes" to new adventures, connecting with people on a deep relational level, and eating Saturday morning brunch. She works locally as a Physical Therapist and also serves at Antioch Ann Arbor as the Production Director. Christiana is passionate about partnering with individuals to prepare, equip and mobilize them to operate best in who God has made them to be and accomplish the purpose that the Lord has set upon their life.