Fall Launch!

My face when summer ends....

My face when summer ends....

Yes, it’s true, summer is coming to a close. The Summer Olympics have concluded. And your summer vacation is seeming more and more like a distant memory. But, don’t be dismayed, I have great news….. Antioch Fall Kickoff is upon us!

I love the seasons! Summer is typically a time to pull back, get re-charged, spend time outside, extended time with the family, vacation, and rest.

We have had an amazing summer as a church. We sent out a team to engage the Refugee Crisis in Europe. We had the opportunity to travel to Tijuana, Mexico to serve and partner with Antioch Tijuana. We shared the gospel, prayed for the sick, danced to a Mariachi band, devoured street tacos, and developed strong relationships. Our Connect Groups have thrown dozens of cookouts and game nights to create spaces of belonging. We went deep with God in our “Going Deeper” message series.

Wow! God really did do a lot of incredible things this summer and invited us to partner with Him in His purposes in the earth. Let’s stop and celebrate! Now take some time to reflect on your own life. What did you accomplish?  What were you able to do over this past summer? Big or small it doesn’t matter, it’s time to celebrate. Summer was great! And now that it’s coming to a close, we aren’t going to just sulk and mourn that it is over. We are going to look forward to what is ahead!

Take a minute and ask God, “what do you have for me this season?” “What new things do you want to share with me?” “What people do you want me to pursue?” “What areas can I serve or get involved at Antioch?”

We are calling September 11th our Fall Launch because we as a church are launching a new year.  And we are so excited about what God has for us as a church body! We are believing for three things in this new year: that every person would Encounter God, Engage in Discipleship, and Live on Mission. 


Encounter God

We hope and pray that every person would encounter the person and presence of God and develop a vibrant relationship with Him. We intentionally create spaces for everyone to encounter God. Some of these spaces are the Bible Weekend on September 9th and 10th(click here to Register for Bible Weekend ). Another way to encounter God is through spending time alone with Him. We want to encourage you to meet with God through worship, reading the Bible, praying and listening to God on a daily basis. Our Sunday night worship service is another space we create for meeting with God. This is our hope for each one of you, that you would encounter Him!



A disciple is simply a student. That’s what we want to be - students of Jesus. Jesus teaches us how to live, how to know God, and how to share His love with the world in the Bible. But we don’t just want to read it, we also want to obey what He says.  Jesus commands us in Matthew 28:18-20 to “make disciples of all nations teaching them to obey all that I have commanded.” Discipleship is simply helping each other learn how to obey the Bible and become fruitful, lifelong followers of Jesus. Our hope is that every person would be discipled and in turn disciple others. Discipleship is what we were created to do. 


Live on Mission

Let us be a people who are on the move, who aren’t contained by the four walls of a building. Let us be a people who take seriously God’s desire to share His love with the whole earth, and not sit on the sideline but actively play a part. Our hope is that each one of us would be secure and confident in our identity in Christ. Not striving to look holy or perform works that would impress God. Rather, that we will know that we are approved and accepted by God before ever doing a thing. Let us be ones who live on mission out of love rather than works. Let us share the love of Jesus in our homes, classrooms, workplace, in the streets, and around the world.


How can you be a part?

Invite a friend or family - We hope that you have had a great experience here at Antioch, one that you would freely share with others about experiencing belonging and growing in your love for Jesus. Invite a friend or family member to church this Sunday or to connect group!

Serve - If you are looking to make a deep and lasting impact, there are many place to serve here. Click here to Serve

Be Expectant - Get in the game. Be expectant!