Hello there...

Larissa Manor comin' at ya! I would like to introduce myself - I am the college pastor here at Antioch Ann Arbor and am STOKED for what God is doing in and through these people we call students, as they navigate the years of “higher education.”

Jesus and I became friends in college - I interacted with him on more of an “associate” level prior to that. I finally accepted the invitation to be BFF with the creator of the universe. This same creator also happened to think highly of me. ME! What in the world?! The revelation of the truth of who I am ROCKED me and changed my world. . It changed my trajectory…it stinkin’ changed my life. I am so grateful. Because of this, I couldn’t stay away!

This revelation, this mind blowing truth-bomb is his desire for everyone. I firmly believe He is after the hearts of the timid and afraid, the identity-crisis-stricken... the college student. ;)

Come with me for a minute…

A student can go through their college years and make a few friends along the way. They can apply for and obtain a job. They can contribute to society and do “well for themselves” and live a good life. That would be perfectly fine.


A student can go to college, get connected to the local church and discover who they are and who they were meant to be. Confidence in what that means will affect how that student sees themselves and what they choose to pursue and WHOM they pursue.  It affects how they spend they spend their time and how they interact with the world at large. It has the potential to affect how they choose to raise their children. We are affecting generations people!

Meanwhile, there is much to be done in the kingdom of God on these college campuses. Much love to be share and truth to be known. There’s a well known anthem that recites “One band! One sound! One band! One sound!” Let this be the heart cry of the church! We are one band, one people. We have one sound, ONE SONG; The song of the redeemed. We are the broken transformed into the beloved. The college student is a vital part of the church body and it’s a great joy to run with them!

If you are interested in partnering with the college ministry in any way, please email me at larissa@antiocha2.org.