ADS: Indy

We were rejected. Well, not actually us as people but the message we were sharing was rejected. This last weekend our ADS class (Antioch Discipleship School) went to Indianapolis for our Fall Outreach. The last few weeks in class we have been learning a lot about sharing our faith in preparation for this trip. We were all nervous and excited about finally getting the chance to share with others. Our plan was to go to one of the college campuses; set up a table with a big sign that said encouragement and offer the students chocolate and prayer. As we walked on campus we looked for a central place to set up our encouragement table.

 While enjoying a beautiful fall day we got to pass out some chocolate and pray for two girls. After about 30 min a faculty member came up to us and told us we needed to leave as we were not affiliated with any of the college organizations. We respected her authority and packed up. As we walked back to the car we all felt like God had more. We felt defeated but knew that surrender was not an option. So we decided to put our sign back in the car and divided in to two groups to go on a prayer walk threw out the campus. We walked around praying blessing over the students, administration, faculty, dorms, etc. Our hearts started to be re-aligned. Little did we know what God had for us. 

One of our team members had a high-school friend that attends this university. He texted this friend to try to connect with him. Upon texting back the friend said that he was about to start a Bible study with Cru and he invited us to join. Next thing we knew we were in a stranger’s living room with 8 students reading the Bible and sharing with them. WOW! We went from almost giving up to rejoicing at what God was doing on this campus. I was so encouraged! God is on the move. It was such a testimony that when we pray something changes in the Spiritual atmosphere. Our hearts were re-aligned with what God was and is doing. Sometimes we feel like giving up in. What are areas in your life that you feel like you can’t keep going. How can you re-align your thoughts with what God has for you today?

About the Author: Maribeth has recently discovered a love for writing and communicating what the Lord has put on her heart through the written word. Maribeth currently lives in Ann Arbor, Michigan and is part of Antioch Community Church. You might find her drinking chai at a local coffee shop with a good book in hand, working at the local hospital as a nurse, or enjoying her new friends. But one thing is certain, she will probably have on some form of pink attire.